Safety Cover

Water Bag Cover


Chemical Kit

Pool Opening

  • Clean cover - remove water and or debris
  • Remove cover and fold neatly for storage
  • Scrub scum line and steps with wall brush
  • Remove winter plugs and replace with jets
  • Install ladders and hand rails
  • Install pump and filter plugs
  • Install Saltwater system/chlorinator
  • Prime underground plumbing
  • Start the pool pump and test for visible leaks
  • Add chemical kit if purchased or supplied by customer

Pool Closing

  • Drain water below jets
  • Remove all jets
  • Remove all handrails and ladders
  • Purge all underground plumbing lines
  • Install plugs in jets and skimmer
  • Remove all plugs from pump, filter and heater
  • Remove chlorination device for safe storage
  • Add chemicals if purchased or supplied
  • Install winter cover

When should i book my pool opening or closing?

We ask Our customers to please book at least 2 weeks in advance.

How long does a pool opening take?

A pool opening takes Our skilled pool technicians anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete.

Are chemicals included with your price?

No chemicals are not included with our price. We will bring a chemical kit with us and add to your pool for an additional $60.00 or add them if supplied.

Do you vacuum the pool?

We do not vacuum the pool with our basic pool packages as We offer very fair prices for our pool openings and closings. However we can give the pool an initial or final vacuum upon opening or closing for an additional $75.00